What’s your travel WHY?

My passion for travel stems from the excitement of exploring new places, meeting people from different backgrounds, and experiencing the adventure that comes with it. The airport atmosphere, the anticipation of where others might be heading, and the diversity of reasons people travel all contribute to the allure of the travel industry for me.


What’s your travel WHY?

Relaxation: Taking a break from everyday life and unwinding in a new environment.
Wanderlust: The desire to explore and experience the world’s beauty and diversity.
Visiting friends and family: Reconnecting with loved ones in different locations.
Exploring cities: Delving into the culture, history, and attractions of urban centres.
Discovering foreign lands: Venturing into new and exciting territories like Petra in Jordan.
Celebrating special occasions: Marking significant milestones in memorable locations.
Marriage: Exchanging vows in a dream destination.
Solo travel: Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
Business: Traveling for work-related purposes, such as meetings or conferences.


Emma Latham

My journey in the travel industry, starting with Eurostar holidays and expanding into business travel and luxury sectors, my expertise and passion have led me to offer a wide range of travel options to my clients. My partnership with the Travel Trust Association that focus on providing financial security demonstrate my commitment to ensuring my clients’s travel experiences are worry-free.

My extensive experience working for tour operators has undoubtedly equipped me with valuable insights to assist my clients in creating the best travel plans, tailored to their preferences and needs. Read more about me here >>>



If there is anything specific, you would like me to help you with or any questions you have related to travel,  feel free to let me know by contacting me. I am here to assist!


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